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WARSOrld informer written by soofka, 2008-03-16 15:02 CET (9 comments)

Basic rules:

Game version: WarSow 0.42
Gametype: team deathmatch
Timelimit: 20 minutes
Overtime timelimit: 5 minutes
Matches system: best of 3 / best of 5 in grand final
Format: groupstage + bracket double elimination


#WARSOrld @ QuakeNet


16.03: sign ups opened
29.03: sign ups closed
30.03: groups announced
31.03-6.04: first matchweek

Rest of the schedule depends of amount of signed up teams. I expect the grand final of WARSorld around 30th may.



Three maps will be announced after vote on official WarSow forum - http://www.warsow.net/forum/. [warsow.net] Visit it to vote for your favourtie!

Sign ups:

Team captain can sign up his team by this page - just click on "sign up" link in the upper menu. Besides this he has to contact me by IRC or mail and make me sure it's good lineup and I can accept this application.

Sign up example:

That's what you should write in "description" area.


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The Pagan LifeAuthor: Karl LembkePosted: November 15th. 2002Times Viewed: 1,903See letters pocily at the bottom of this article.Paganism is a religion. As I've stated in my other essay this month, it's the oldest religion in the world, but it's also the newest. It is constantly renewed by its practitioners, and it renews us in turn.Valid religions all have one thing in common they're not romantic. They involve hard work, and a certain amount of sacrifice, in both senses of the word. They involve giving up things you would rather have or do, and they call you to make sacred those things which had previously been mundane.Wicca, my preferred form of Paganism, is no different. There will be no angels rushing in with flaming swords to make things better for me, nor demons with their clouds of brimstone to serve my beck and call. I can't wiggle my nose and have things *poof* into existence. In fact, I hardly ever cast spells at all, and then only for really important things. (My mom's cancer was one of those important things. She's much better now, thanks!)Those who look to religion any religion to hand them miracles on a silver platter are going to be disappointed. That's not what religion is for.Some would say that what makes Wicca special is the rituals Wiccans observe. Thirteen full moons and eight Sabbats are celebrated in circles all across the country. Forms are observed, the order of the ceremony is followed, power is raised, and the Gods are called. And they answer.But this accounts for fewer than two dozen nights per year. Those who observe the new moons will take it up to three dozen. If we allow four hours for the rite and the social time afterwards, we're still looking at less than two percent of our waking time every year. The vast bulk of the time we spend being Pagan is time not spent at festivals.As I mentioned in a previous essay, Walls and Windows, we use rituals and religious trappings to help us hold on to the viewpoint of our religion, even when we're not actually in circle. But what is it we're holding on to? Why bother?Ultimately, religion has to be about improving our world. When all is said and done, we choose a religion that makes us better. Sometimes, a religion chooses us, but I believe this choice is made when a religion sings to us when its covenant matches the path our Higher Self aspires to follow. So how does a Pagan faith make one a better person?As does any religion, our Pagan faith grants us an eternal perspective. When we are approaching the world from our Paganism, we measure our mundane lives against this perspective. Maybe the washing machine is overflowing, or maybe the cat has thrown up in the fresh laundry. No one ever wants that to happen, but will it still be bothering you in your next incarnation? (If you answered, "Hell yes!" I think you have larger concerns than your laundry.)Wicca observes the Wheel of the Year, and the endless cycle of time on many levels. That which is here now will p*** away. That which has gone will come back. At the very least, this perspective is great for increasing your sales resistance. In the endless cycles of time, there is no such thing as "now or never", no matter what the salesman tells you.As the Wheel turns, it moves forward, like a carriage underway. The cycles we experience remain unique in their own time, and the next cycle will not be an echo of the last one. We are constantly entering new territory, rolling forward into new experiences and new states of being. Now Paganism is a magical religion, which means that we endeavor to place our hands on the Wheel and adjust its course. As the Wheel rolls forward, it can travel down paths leading to great events, or to dreadful affairs. It is our responsibility to help steer the Wheel, and to determine its course as well as we can.Over all are the Gods, the Lord and Lady of all creation. They have created this universe, and they have ultimate power over it. Many religions recognize this transcendent aspect of the Divine, and Wicca is no exception. The Gods may be more or less hands off, but They have the power to take the reins, if things go very badly. We are expected to be responsible, but not superhuman. When things truly are beyond our control, it's nice to have a God and Goddess to hand things over to.Indeed, one of the mysteries which can be found in the Qabala is that of the harmony of all things. The Lord and Lady are running the universe, and things are unfolding precisely as they must. In the dark times of the moon and the sun, we honor the Lord of Death and Resurrection, naming Him "the Death which must be so". To those who have perceived this mystery, it is not just ritual, but an eternal perspective on universal reality. The universe is unfolding as it must, and all things we see, both the bright and the dark, are here because it must be so.On the flip side of Transcendence we have Immanence. The Lord and Lady are with us and within us. We carry in our hearts the spark of divine fire, from which all life and light must come. We may not greet our fellows with "Thou art God, " but in our better moments it can be well worth keeping in mind. The loud-mouthed bigot may not look like God, and you may feel anything but benevolent as you face him (or her), but even the most obnoxious of our fellow beings can be the Gods' way of acting in the world. (Hey, I did warn you "hard work and sacrifice!")Finally, Paganism brings to us the perspective of Unity. We are one with each other, we are one with the universe, and we are one with the Divine. Hermes Trismegistus phrased this mystery, "As above, so below." That which is higher or greater is a reflection of the smaller and the lesser. "As without, so within." The divine spark within each of us is a true reflection of the Divine Flame which birthed the universe and all its wonders. Nothing is ever truly lost, because everything is reflected in everything else.None of this is easy. It can be very hard to achieve the eternal perspective when the here-and-now is getting on your last nerve. But that's why we have our daily rituals and prayers, and the trappings of our faith in the environment. By focusing on these, we make this perspective a habit of our daily lives, and not just a two-percent-of-the-year thing.Our religion should also serve to make us better people. Wicca incorporates an ethical standard, embodied in the Wiccan Rede. Do what you will, but cause as little harm as you can. Act to reduce the harm done around you. Those things which cause no harm are no cause for action life as you will, and let others live as they would.We also have a Lord and Lady, who are personal forces in our lives. Our respect and love for Them, and the awe They inspire in us, leads us to do good things for Them and in Their name. The Divine around and within us is a magnet which draws us toward good, and a beacon we follow in our daily lives.Between the spokes of the Wheel, we may be seen as Pagan because of our household decorations, or because of the practices we incorporate into our daily lives. We may show our Paganism through our jewelry or our bumper stickers, or the pentagram we trace over our meals as we bless them. We are Pagans because of how we feel on account of our contact with the Divine. Ultimately, Paganism, like any religion, is true to the extent that it makes us happy people. The goal of Paganism is to achieve that happiness that the Gods wish all Their children to enjoy.Now by "happiness", I don't mean pleasure, or having fun. I mean the quiet joy that bubbles through the life of the truly religious and overflows into the hearts of those around them. I mean the state of grace that carries you through the hard times. Even though things may be bad at the moment, and even though you may be sad, you can find serenity in the knowledge that They are with you, and you will know Their joy again.When the Gods are the music in your life, your heart can't help but sing along.Letters Policy: Any letters sent to the author may wind up published on his web site. If you do not want your letter published, please say so at the top of the letter.Thanks!Karl LembkeBio: Karl Lembke is a high priest in the Starkindler tradition of Wicca, and a member of the priesthood in the DCWA. He is a card-carrying Libertarian, and considers Libertarianism to be most nearly in line with the Wiccan Rede.Exactly one month after the end of gamma ray therapy, his mother is feeling much better, is absorbing magnesium from her diet rather than having to be topped off at the doctor's office, and is wearing herself out running around like a fool.It's nice to have her back. And thanks to all who sent energy and prayers.and can you read that??
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