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Ladies and gentlemen - groupstage! written by soofka, 2008-04-01 21:30 CEST (7 comments)

Yes, it's not a joke! After two weeks of sign ups and few days of preparation, I am proud to announce groupstage. There are two groups, five teams in each one. They're fully randomized, but I think, they're not so bad. THREE teams from both group will play in playoffs (system like: 2A vs. 3B and 1B against winner of this match). Of course there will be losers bracket too.



Another important thing - matches from first round (participants page, scroll down) must be played until sunday, 6th april. And don't forget to message me, hmm, for example few hours before start of your match with information, because I'd love to shoutcast and broadcast it.

If you have any problems, message me. However good luck all participants!

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